Saturday, October 5, 2013

"GOOAAAAAALLLLLLL!" (in my EXTREMELY excited soccer announcer voice)

**WARNING: This post has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with soccer!** :)

ok...almost nothing :)
I have always been a very goal-oriented person, I love encouraging others to set goals and work towards them and I especially love the feeling I get when I reach a goal. Trouble is, I tend to get waaaaay to busy and distracted to remember to even SET a goal to begin with!

Thankfully, I joined an accountability group on FB and we're publicly announcing our goals, and then checking back in daily to update our progress. I love it! It's so much fun to see others working on their goals and it also gives me some good ideas for my own set of goals!

In my 'fitness life' I have been really making progress, thanks in large part to this whole goal setting thing. Unfortunately, I really fell off in a ton of other areas :( One that really bothered me, was the fact that I didn't even know my oldest had a Math test on Thursday, meaning we didn't do ANYTHING to prepare! As a teacher myself, I cringed at the thought of being "that" parent - so wrapped up in other things that I let his academics slide........(thanfully, Cam did a WONDERFUL job on the test and made a 95% - whew! BUT lesson definitely learned!)

So.... in addition to fitness goals, I am also going to work on a set of personal goals, family-related goals, and professional goals. Every school year I help my students set specific, measurable and attainable goals and this year, I am doing it too!

It's not the beginning of the school year or the calendar year, but sometimes, you just need to stop, refocus and set some new goals, so here goes....... (I'll be back with some super cute version of my goals in a few days, after I've set them and created it...)

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  1. Completely agree that there doesn't need to be some specific time (i.e. Monday, 1st of the month, etc) to set goals.Love your insight!