Friday, December 6, 2013

My First Half Marathon!!!!!

OK - I've got a TON of ground to cover!
1) Headbands of awesomeness - The folks at Hippie Runner did an awesome job getting my shipment out quickly so that my headbands got here before I even packed for my race! I absolutely LOVE their headbands - I wore the 1st ones I bought for 2 years! I love that they are wide AND stay put for my entire run.

2) OMG - My 1st half marathon was last Sunday! For some reason, I chose the Space Coast to be my first - it's only about 3 hours away.... so I got a hotel and dragged my loving family along and... IT. WAS. AMAZING!!! Oh I so can't wait to go back next year! Maybe then I'll do the full...
+ it was a pretty big race, (3000 doing the half, 2000 doing the full - no nyc, but to me 5000 people is a lot!) But there was enough space (haha space - get it?) so that we were able to spread out and I didn't have to walk or weave at the beginning.
+ beautiful view along the run - coastline on one side and awesome neighborhood people on the other cheering everyone on!
+ plenty of water stations & amazing volunteers (even though I carried my own water - they were very positive & encouraging)
+ So thankful for the shuttle bus from the hotel to the starting line so that I didn't have to stress out about parking on race day.

I had an 'A' goal of under a 10 min pace since my training had a set back this summer & I had a 'B' goal of finishing in under 2:30. I ended up with a 9'50ish pace! So happy!!! Now, I need to figure out how I'm going to train for my next half in March ;) Yes, I am totally hooked!

How do you set your goal race pace?

(This is from my NEW Galaxy S4,  so I think the pics are stuck at the bottom.  They are both if me pre-race, in the non - pot - a - potties at the start line. I wanted a little privacy for my picture taking! Ha! I'm just a big ole' chicken when it comes to taking pictures in public. )
Check out that bathroom floor! Ha!

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