Saturday, November 2, 2013

Chicken Pox. Cool Weather and Darkness at 7:00 AM

Those are all things that I was unprepared for, but happened to me recently!

1) Chicken Pox: I didn't even know that was a 'thing' any more! I though there was something wrong with Joshua's mosquito bites when the seemed to double over night - He's practically allergic, but that doesn't mean they multiply by themselves! So, I took him to the doctor yesterday and BAM! Chicken pox - I was totally NOT expecting that! Poor baby is pink thanks to the Calamine Lotion, but at least it seems to have stopped the itching. He's asleep right now, but after his morning oatmeal bath and re-application of the lotion I will definitely share a picture!! Oh... and I missed Friday at work to take him to the doctor and now I'll have to miss Monday and Tuesday since he can't go back to the daycare.... honestly, as much as I don't want to get behind in my classroom, I'm kind of looking forward to a break....
This is how I like my 'chicken' - NOT in 'pox' form!!

2) 'Cool Weather' - I say 'cool', but I was COLD! When I went for my long run last Saturday, I was FREEZING! I had capris, but I have not purchased any long-sleeve running shirts! (Since then, it was warmed back up - oh, Florida....:/) I ended up wearing a regular cotton (*gasp* I know right?) shirt that I had drenched in sweat before even half-way through. I got to a bridge where I promptly ditched the long sleeves (I had a "real" running shirt on underneath - don't worry ;). Which meant I had to drive back to the bridge to pick it up after I was done! :) Hopefully, by the next 'cold snap' - I'll have bought something... but my race is December 1st in North Florida, where it actually gets cold. And I have NO IDEA what I should wear!!
In true Floridian form, this is me at ANY temp below 70....heck, even at 70!

3) Darkness @ 7:00 - Over the summer, I was out on the road and running well before 7:00 and I could see where I was going and who or what might be coming my way. Now that it's winter, and time is changing tonight, I'm not going to be able to start my runs until about 8:00! That just feels so late!! Not so much when I start, but it's so late when I finish - I liked feeling like I got my run done before the day really got started. Now it's going to be almost lunch time when I get home!

How do you deal with lower temps?
Have you ever had the chicken pox?

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