Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful for...Over-eating??

     Yes. I over-ate yesterday. And, Yes. I'm glad I did. Whaaaaaat? You may be thinking..... but here's why....(it still may not make sense after I explain.....)
     I felt absolutely terrible when I woke up this morning!! I'm so glad I got that fit of gluttony out of the way AND had enough consequences that hopefully I'll remember how I feel right now and NOT be too indulgent on Thursday.
    Normally I'm not too terribly conscious of what/how much of anything I consume (I do really need to get better in that department), but this week is crucial because....Sunday, December 1st - yes, that's right, the Sunday after Thanksgiving - I run my first half marathon!!! :)
   I've worked really hard, overcoming injury, balancing home, work and running so that I could do this, so now....let's do this!! :) It isn't going to be at my original goal pace, due to injury set-backs mid-summer, but I am going to do it.
   My 'A' Goal is under a 10 minute/mile pace. M 'B' goal is a 2:30 finish time.

(((Psst...hey... you wanna know why I over-ate yesterday?? We had a Thanksgiving Feast at our church, followed by a birthday party for one of my four-year-old son's friends where there was home-made Indian food!!! Yum!! and also a HUGE part of why my over-eating felt a little more painful than your average 'oh I ate too much last night' feeling)))

Also - another major goal get a new camera b/c mine bit the dust - just in time for the holiday season! Boooo!

How do you manage your eating during the holidays?

What's your favorite holiday food? Mine is sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top....mmmm...definitely had 2 servings yesterday at the church 'feast' & when our 5th graders had a feast at school last week...I did the same thing - 2 servings please & thank you! :) (Hopefully I've gotten it out of my system so that I can eat like a normal, rational person for the rest of the week... ok, maybe normal and rational was a little too far.... eat like a carb-loading runner... not sugar-fiend!)

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