Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baby Tempo Run + Race Training Research 'cause I'm a Runnerd ;)

     I did my 'baby' tempo run this morning - I'm only up to 3 miles, not including warm-up/cool down. I really have to remember that this is all still new to me. It's okay that I'm not at my goal pace yet - I literally still have like 20 weeks in my training plan. I will get to that point, I just have to keep working. My mantra this morning was definitely "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - it helped power me through that last mile that I thought was never going to end!

   The newspaper came and took pictures of us working at school today - I just hope they didn't catch me doing what I do best...running my mouth! :) I tried to look intently at my computer screen, but it's almost impossible for me to not talk for any period of time, so I'm sure my mouth was flapping a couple of times while she was snappin' shots. (ps - Planning went really well - we got 3 weeks worth of lessons ready - woo-hoo!!!)

   I ended my afternoon with some running research - since I am still new to this I read everything I can about training!

Half-Marathon Pacing Strategies (

Cross Training Ideas (

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