Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wow! I feel like a *REAL* runner now!!

Ok, I know, everyone who runs is a *runner* - doesn't matter how fast or how far, only that you run....BUT....

A few things have happened recently to make the experience, the push and the drive a lot more *real* to ME.
1) I pushed through a really hard long run (10 miles), coming off a super painful throat infection, I actually had to run/walk the last 2.5 miles. I'm just glad I listened to my body and made the adjustments I needed in order to make sure I didn't get injured. But, I am sore today - not injured, but sore and that makes me smile - my muscles are being pushed and their developing - yay!!
2) I just scored an awesome list of dynamic stretches/drills from this blog that I just started following (hello! - I finally crawled out from under a rock - tons of people read this blog b/c it's AWESOME!!) ....too bad I found the list AFTER my long run... maybe I wouldn't be so sore if I had been doing them already...
These two "events" have made me feel more "official" - whatever that means! I just know I'm ready for my next run! Bring it!! :)
Was there an "Aha!" moment for you as a runner, when you felt "official? Share!!  :)

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