Sunday, July 14, 2013

To Rest, or NOT to Rest? That is the Question!

   Pretty new to this whole running thing (since April), I have been reading anything and everything I can get my hands on - I'm overdosing on all things running - blogs, facebook, magazines, websites - you name it, I've either read it or, I'll probably read it now that you named it.... anyway - my point is this: some people have to learn the hard way, and this week, I was one of those people! :(

  In EVERYTHING I have read about race training, including my own plan, I have these little things called 'Rest Days' - you know, days where you aren't supposed to do any running *gasp*. My little OCD mind couldn't wrap itself around the concept of NOT pushing and running through every single day. Well... my poor little new-to-running, more than slightly out-of-shape, haven't-run-in-over-a-year legs couldn't wrap themselves around NOT resting!

   I felt a twinge of pain in my left shin-calf (I'm still not sure - it's too far back to be shin, too far forward to be calf - I told you I'm new to this - I'm sure there's a real word for it, but I like the name I gave it for now) a few days ago and I am now FORCING myself to actually *gasp* rest (I'm a big gasper in real life - drives my family crazy b/c they immediately panic and think there's something majorly wrong....and it's just me over-reacting :).

Yesterday, I wore pants in the sweltering summer heat to cover the kt tape job I had going on - I did it myself - and I must say, I think it turned out better than the first time I tried (see pic below of 1st attempt). So, I guess my message is: REST! I'm going to get back to my training plan tomorrow and I am praying and believing that it will all go well!

Yeah..this was my first try a few months ago... epic FAIL! {Now I use my can't-live-without compression sleeves and I love LoVe LOVE them!!}

**So, what about you - are you a rester or a streaker?**

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