Monday, July 15, 2013

New Year's Resolutions... July? Yep! As a teacher, I tend to think of my years as from August to June & July is like a recharging time in between. The past few years I've been really guilty of just letting life happen which always turns into crazy-busy school years - I stay at the school waaaay too late, barely get to see my own kids & have absolutely no time for myself. (The first day of school last year marked an 8 month running drought!)
This year I am resolving to be more time effective! I will read my Bible & pray every morning & run every afternoon! School work will stay at school and the rest of my time will be used with purpose - no more waste....
.....which leads me to this morning's picture..... (this coconut water is probably going to go to waste unless someone can tell me what to mix it with!!!!)

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