Sunday, August 18, 2013

Babies Everywhere!!!

 Today we had a 'Class of 2002' baby edition photo shoot. It was really awesome to spend time with great friends, catch up and see our kids interacting (that last part was pretty funny - my boys are the 2 bookends - obviously I got started a little earlier than the rest of the group.... but ANYWAY.... I thought their expressions and reactions to the babies were priceless!).

I told Joshua that if he smiled, I'd get him a snickers and I'm pretty sure he kept some form of a smile plastered on the entire time after that!
"Get me outta here!"
I'm smiling, somebody take a picture!
I'm soooooo over this! (clearly he forgot about the snickers - notice the crying baby leaned over on him!)
...aaaand I reminded him about the Snickers.....
Sure hope someone else there got one with Joshua actually smiling, since everyone ELSE is cooperating in this one!!!

Back row in top picture Me, Calli; Front row: Aimee, Jessica, Alisha.
Bottom Picture: My Joshua, Aimee's Sadie (born so very early that she is definitely a miracle baby!), Calli's Jamison, Alisha's Piper, Jessica's Corbin and my Cameron.

Do you keep in touch with childhood friends?

Today was my rest day, tomorrow is a run day + my first day back teaching - summer is officially over in our house! :( How do you balance family, work & running?

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