Thursday, August 29, 2013

Doctor Day!

Today, we go to the Orthopedic specialist to find out about Joshua's arm. If it weren't for the fact that he can't use that arm, nothing would have changed about J's routine - he still tries to run, jump & climb like he did before! Keeping him still has been THE biggest challenge this week!! It's almost impossible!!!! I wish I had some of his energy - watch out Boston here I come! ;) ...but until I figure out a way to share his energy, I guess I'll just have to keep training....

Speaking of training.... I did some more running yesterday! :) I'm slowly figuring out how to get my schedule together. I'm still taking it slow so that I don't re-injure myself. I did Week 3, Day 1 & 2 yesterday from my old Couch to 5k program. I also ran through a few of the walk I guess I'm not really following the program, but it is giving me specific time limits so that I am more aware of how far/long I'm pushing it so that I don't go too far too soon. One neat thing I've noticed is that I'm able to run an 8:15-8:45 pace more than I could before. I think the reason it was so hard for me before was that I THOUGHT it was going to be hard - so it was! It's amazing how mental running is! I just keep telling myself (yes, out loud.... so I can prove to myself that it's a do-able pace - if you can talk, it's considered a good target pace for a workout -- but I probably do look crazy since I'm running alone.....) "This is a good pace. I can talk, so I can do it." --- Positive thoughts? Yes, please!!

Are you following a training plan? 
I'm using a Couch to 5k program that I've already completed once before, to rebuild after injury. Of course I'm tweaking it A LOT to meet my needs! :)

Anyone trying to get ready for a race?
I'm running the Space Coast 1/2 on December 1st - eek! That's why I'm adding a little to the original program - it moves too slow for what I need!!!

What bones have you broken? How'd it happen?

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