Monday, August 12, 2013

Oh What a Day!

 So....This morning was my first 'official' day back in my classroom - official in that all of the teachers & staff were back today & we had to be there 8:00 to get our meetings started. For me, it also meant that I had to get up super early to get dressed in 'real' clothes and get Joshua ready for his 1st day back at school (pre-K).
In my half-asleep, running-late-on-the-first-day rush, I went to grab my body spray.....
.... see any potential problems here? I definitely missed the adidas spray and gave my self a full-frontal spray of bug spray!!! :x GROSS!!!!!! 
And Josh was in a *great* mood this morning - sooooo ready to go back to school (sarcasm)
See the excitement?
It was all downhill from here - his teacher had to pry him off my leg!! :*( It was soo sad - heartbreaking!!! (I picked him up as soon as we were done & we went to get ice cream!!)
Now...the moment you've all been waiting for..................... pictures of my room!
Here are a few of the awesome things I found on Pinterest and copied.... prepare to be dazzled (j/k;)

 ^brag board
^daily schedule, assignments & objectives
ooohhh and notice the clutter? ^ Wellll... there's more of that... I know, it's a giant mess of junk everywhere - but you just HAVE to see the 'before' so you can appreciate the 'after' :) Ready for the mess? Here goes.....

^future motivational wall :)

^ Promethean Board that I LOVE, a wall for problem-solving strategies & the edge of the homework wall :)

If you look closely, you might be able to see my desk under there.....
Told ya' it was ugly!
But what you can't see, is an idea I actually got from a lot of the runners' blogs and facebook motivational pages I've been reading... I'm making a motivational wall! The kids and I are going to set goals through out the year and update our progress, and even celebrate when we reach one! YAY! I'm also going to gradually add motivational meme type posters to that section of the wall & encourage the kids to add motivational quotes of their own - so excited about this - yay for being positive & uplifting! :)
****Omigosh! How could I forget.... I finally ran today!!! YAAAAY! I haven't run in over 2 weeks! *gasp* I've been doing hip strengthening exercises (xray and specialist said no bone issues). I did Week1, Day 1 of my old couch to 5k program (including warm-up only totalled 2 miles) - HUGE step back from the 20+ mile weeks I was doing before - but I DO NOT want to reinjure! I am taking it slow!! My 1/2 in December might be super slow, but since it's my 1st ever, it'll still be a PR! ;)

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