Saturday, August 3, 2013

What Have You Done This Week?

I have done a whole ton of stuff and absolutely NONE of it included actually running. :(

Warning: Teacher Rant Ahead
My oldest spent his mornings at Vacation Bible School, so Joshua and I spent our mornings in my classroom getting ready for the upcoming school year. I got a few things done, but spent a lot of time running back and forth between the bathroom (which is actually in a completely different building) and my room so Josh could take a potty break or looking for supplies in the janitor's office and another completely different building - 5th grade is in our very own special place on campus, far, far away from everyone else, so there are a lot of "completely different buildings" on campus. And, no, in 'Far, Far Away' we don't have our own bathroom - that's a problem ALL YEAR LONG... but apparently adding a whole new set of bathrooms is a pretty complicated process, so we just suck it up and walk the extra yardage.

Warning: Runner Rant Ahead
I have spent my usual running time this week trying to meditate more on my Bible and prayer time + I've also been trying to NOT have a hip injury. My hippish area has been hurting for a while (this area is at the front of my hip joint - not sure if it's the leg or the joint? so it's 'hippish') and I was trying to make it go away with rest. Didn't happen, so, I made an appointment at our local general med. office so I could get the referral train rolling sooner than later. I have an x-ray scheduled for Monday.... and I'm taking some NSAIDs in the meantime. :(

So, instead of running, I have been reading all ABOUT running, following some awesome people on Facebook, reading some great blogs and of course my Runner's World issue that came in the mail yesterday!

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The Hungry Runner Girl
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Ever had an injury that required rest? How long did you have to take off?

How do you find balance in your life? I think this will be my LIFELONG struggle!

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