Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yummy Green Goodness & Ducks! ;)

I don't have the time/$/energy to shop for/clean/cut all of the produce it takes to make those super healthy green smoothies everybody's blabbin' about these days. The people who have the time/$/energy for that are probably also the people who make homemade vanilla extract for everyone they know as Christmas gifts..... I just don't have the focus/patients/drive for that kind of thing. Sooo.... I found something pretty awesome at Walmart last night:
I'm usually the last one to hop onto a trend, so everyone and their mamas may already be drinkin' this, but hey, better late than never!

Oohh! And, speaking of 'Hey!' - The new episode of Duck Dynasty was on last night! I didn't get to see the whole thing, but Cameron & I will definitely be watching it this afternoon...or wait, no, tonight AFTER super-late soccer practice.... (remember: no 'time' to make green smoothies....) Yay for Duck Dynasty!!! :)
I think I'll make Cam put on a beard-wig (fake beard, beard-wig?) - I feel a possible Halloween costume coming out of this.... (That guy LOVES this show - I actually read Willie's book to him - it was a GREAT book for both of us!!)

Have you ever seen Duck Dynasty? Do you have a favorite? Cam has 2 favorites: Jase & of course, Uncle Si. I think they're all hilarious, but I tend to side with Cam-ba-lam too!

Do you make your own green smoothies? What about homemade vanilla extract? (Fixation with the vanilla extract is a long story related to facebook posts and over-achieving Martha Stewart it and REALLY wish I could do it.... but I just can't....I think I'm missing that ability in my DNA....)

Done any new running trails or training lately? I'm barely back to running after my injury, soooo glad to be back!!

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