Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just Smile :)

Sometimes, all you can do is just shake it off and move on. Although that doesn't seem like the number one choice, it's better than the alternative - getting angry & bent out of shape or sad & grumpy. There's so so so so much going on in the world today in general, not just my own personal sphere of influence and when I think about what other people are dealing with, it makes me feel like I need to just get over it! But.... tomorrow, I really, really, really want to leave my classroom before 4:00.... actually, I'd be happy gettin' out of there before 5:00! My training plan has taken a major hit.... I've only run once this week so far... I missed cross-training on Tuesday... and I just remembered I have a HUGE stack of papers to grade already....AAAHHHHH!!!! Wait, I mean.....
If I keep smiling, maybe my inner self will catch up.... fake it 'til ya' make it because it is what it is - no reason to get all ruffled up!

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