Saturday, August 31, 2013

What's new? :)

Tons of things are new in my family so I'm going to highlight a few of the most recent newbies:
New Shoes:
I just ordered these today - they're sooo cute AND might move me a little closer to a minimalist shoe.... maybe. I had so much trouble with my shins when I first started running that I ended up having to completely take a couple of months off to heal so I'm a little nervous about jumping into a shoe that my body isn't ready for. I love the Brooks I have now and these babies were 50% off so, duh! New shoe time!! :)

New Cast:
Blurry J, because even with a broken arm, he's always on the move! He was trying to get in position for the way HE wanted to show off his cast......
That is how Josh wanted to pose with his new cast! Silly boy! (Like the mustache bracelet? Nice touch, I thought ;)
He only has to wear his cast for 3 weeks! Soooo glad it isn't going to be on for long! He really hasn't been having any pain with it either - so blessed. I met a lady tonight whose 6 year old nephew just broke his arm and he had to have it re-set at the ER because the bones weren't lined up! We didn't want a broken arm, that's for sure, but I'm so thankful that it wasn't that serious!!!

New Soccer Team:
Today was Cameron's first soccer game with his new team! It was HOT out there! See those bleachers? NO ONE sat in them b/c they weren't covered and it was actually about 10 degrees hotter there than on the ground!! If you can't tell by the wet look he has goin' on, this is right after the game.

Florida in August has GOT TO BE the worst time and place for outdoor sports! Poor little kids today were drenched! Cam's curls are going to have to be cut - it's time for his annual soccer cut! I'll post a before/after pic when we get it cut this week - he looks like a completely different kid every time we do it! His team this year is so cute! They're all silly, so we might not score a million goals, but they have a blast with each other. :)
So, what's NEW with you? :)

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