Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Weekend Before.....

School starts!! AAAHHHH!!!!! (j/k.... kind of......)

I waited until the weekend before school starts to hit the back to school shopping. Worst. Idea. EVER! My biggest problem is that there were no 'warm weather' clothes for us! Cameron and I both need school clothes that accommodate the INTENSE Florida heat, as well as the school's dress code & that was next to impossible. Around here, the kids don't start wearing jeans until, like, November so Cam needs tons of shorts. How many pairs did we find yesterday in his size? 1. Yeah, that's right. Jeans were EVERYWHERE! Really?? It's 100 degrees outside! Good thing I already had several pairs, so maybe we'll try a different mall next weekend....

This is not a picture of us, but that person looks like they're about to run people over with that buggy, and generally, that's one of the dangers of 'Back to School' shopping! :)

....and then lunch....actually made me cry! Literally. :( Basically, we went to a certain Italian restaurant - my sis, Cameron (7), Joshua (almost 4) and me. I was a server when I was in school, so I know a table with kids can be stressful, but the boys were doing pretty good. The service overall was pretty terrible, but hey, that happens..... and then...... I had taken J to the bathroom & and a different server came to cash us out. When we got back to the table, everyone was ready to go, my sister & J went on while I put our boxes in a bag...... (building suspense...) and I was just about to talk out the door, when the server (who had pretty much neglected us the whole time) came running around around the corner and said - "The book is empty!" - accusing us of not paying!!!! I was in shock! I didn't even know how to as I dug out the receipt from my GIANT purse, I started crying! :( Luckily for me, unluckily for the restaurant/server, my sister came back in right as all of this was going on.
I am quiet and very non-confrontational, so while she 'handled' it, I left and continued the shopping trip. :) She walked away with a $50 gift card, which will be used at a different restaurant b/c who wants to go back somewhere like that??

Today I'm taking the boys to a 'photo shoot' to come later... lots of orange & blue (local school colors, not gators ;) and lots of babies!

Do you have a sibling-body guard? (If not, you should get one, they're great! :)

Any race training going on? From my blog, you'd probably think this chick doesn't run! :( I'm having to ease back into it after an injury and it really kind of makes me sad to think about where I was, and where I am now. I was doing 10 mile long runs..... yesterday's long run = 3.6 miles of running/walking. But at least I'm back out there!!!! :) I'm running in the Spacecoast 1/2 December 1st & the St Pete Rock'n'Roll 1/2 Feb 9th!

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