Saturday, September 21, 2013

Be Nicer Than Necessary (+ desperate plea for treadmill tips...)

That is my mantra right now! I hope that if I repeat it enough, I will be able to actually do it!

I'm currently in a situation at work that really makes me want to say 'It's not me, it's her so there is nothing I can do to 'fix' this.'

But that would be lying.... there is always something, even if it's just being a little nicer. How 'nice' I am should NOT depend on how the other person treats me.

(And I feel like I need to clarify: nice DOES NOT = door mat! Wrong is wrong & I won't just let it happen in the name of 'nice'. Being 'nice' is about being more positive, not talking negatively about others and trying to be more approachable. It's possible to be 'nice' & still be a boss! :)

-------------And on to my running happiness (insert big goofy smile here!)----------

I went to the track Thursday morning since I didn't have to be at work & I tried ROCKED my Yasso 800's! My goal pace for my 1st 1/2 really is more focused on staying healthy, so it's not a speed goal. But my runs lately had me in serious doubt that I could even hit that pace. I did 4x800 @ 9'00 with a recovery lap. Each week I will add another set.

Friday I did an easy 2 miles, and I'll long run (still building up - 7 mi) Sunday before church.

I ran my track workout and my 2 miles in my PureCadence shoes, I'll run my long run in my Adrenalines. Speaking of Cadence.... when I have to run on the treadmill, I'm trying to take advantage of the always-in-your-face stats and I'm actually counting my steps per minutes. I can't get to 180. I wonder if that's because I'm on a treadmill, or if I'm really just that awful at taking small, fast steps!

Since I'm having to stay on the treadmill for a lot of my runs until the weather changes, anyone have any tips, tricks or just plain common sense info about the treadmill that I should know? Because I sure am completely clueless in that area...I'm serious...assume I know nothing and tell me everything! (Can you sense the desperation?) For example, I think I read somewhere that putting the incline at 2% makes it more like running outside....but I don't know what 2% is when the treadmill elevates at increments of .5!  Please Help!!! :)

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