Friday, September 6, 2013

Unplanned Rest

     Well, I really wanted to run to do. I mean really wanted to. It has just been one of those kind of weeks - it should have been 'easier' because it was only 4 days long and the kids were taking benchmark tests so work was supposed to be pretty calm.... supposed to be.
I sure do wish our math books would come in! :(
     Our math textbooks and practice books still haven't come in, so we're having to run copies of ALL those pages, plus creating super-cute pinterest (printing on sticky notes - seriously THE coolest thing EVER - I came up with a few new things to do JUST so I could print on some more sticky notes!!!) inspired activities for our study journals. Not to mention the run-around involved in trying keep our grade team organized and in harmony with one another. THAT right there - the 'harmony' part was probably the HARDEST thing at the beginning of the week. We aren't always a cohesive group and that makes for a very stressful work environment.
This is how work has felt lately....
     I did an amazing* speed workout on Wednesday (*amazing for me - not settin' records here people, just pushing my limits & that feels GREAT!) and I was really looking forward to a casual run today to balance out my miles and work on my form after my tortuous bike cross-train-wreck yesterday. HOWEVER, soccer practice, unplanned errands for my sister and a really ugly thunderstorm made sure that DIDN'T happen. I think I'm going to sleep in my running clothes and get up super early to get my run in before Cam's 12:00 soccer game. (Really? 12:15 in Florida? I wonder what the temp will be..... I'm guessing mid-90's...)
Partly Cloudy

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