Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oh, Florida.....

What better way to spend the day than with toes in the sand and 5th graders in the Gulf? Ok.... there are probably a lot of better ways, but THIS was an AWESOME alternative to sitting in a classroom today! :)
We may have to deal with FCAT, RTI, PMRN, FAIR, NGSSS and Common Core (I don't know the abbreviation for that one yet...), but we also get to take field trips to the Gulf/Bay for some hands-on science!!

On a running note, I decided to do strength training and stretches today for my cross-training instead of the stationary bike - I think that evil machine was causing me to over-train so I wanted to refocus and do something more focused on strengthening my core. (I also did this on Sunday, and I'm still sore!)

I had a pretty amazing run yesterday and I knew my body needed to recover. I'm pretty happy with how things are going - my speed is improving and my long runs are getting longer - yay! :) Tomorrow I'm either going to do speed or hills. I kind of love not being tied to a specific training plan and being able to adjust and improvise based on my body and how I feel. Once I get my base re-established, I'll go back to a REAL plan and I'll love the results I get from it, but until then, I'm enjoying my freedom (and the results I'm getting from it)! :)

Which one - the beach or the mountains? Both? I like a little bit of both, but not TOO much of either one! HA! I need a beach cottage and a mountain lodge - 2 vacation homes aren't too much to ask, right?

Do you like sticking to a prescribed plan or running to the beat of your own drum? 

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