Sunday, September 15, 2013

Runtastic Weather....or not :)

This has to have been one of THE longest weeks EVER! I took my 5th graders on a field trip on Tuesday.... that seems like FOREVER ago!
Wednesday my oldest son was supposed to have pictures with his soccer team. Too bad I was the only one who showed up! I would have thought I was the one with the wrong date, but the photographer was there too and she said it was supposed to be our team. So instead, I dropped him off with my sis, who already had Josh, and I went for a run....
....and about 5 steps away from the house, it started to rain. You know what I did? I just looked up at the sky, smiled..... and then turned around and went back home.... I had to change my shoes! :) I had decided to take my brand new PureCadence Brooks out for a run, but when the rain started, I changed my mind - I put my faithful  dark purple adrenalines on and headed back out.

"It'll probably stop soon..." I told my sister..... "I'll just keep running until I get to that sunny patch over there..." I told myself. 

Neither of those happened but I had a blast! I ended up doing almost 3 miles in the POURING rain - it was not drizzling, or sprinkling - it was definitely pouring. By the end, my shoes were squishing and when I got home, I was literally dripping everywhere I went.

Honestly, I only felt that way as I ran out, running back I was just ready to be home and dry! I kept thinking the faster I run, the sooner I'll be home!! I also still had my cell phone strapped to my arm and I was more than a little worried that I had COMPLETELY fried it (don't worry - the phone is miraculously ok).

Life (work, boys, soccer, weather, errands, the earlier sundown times) prevented me from getting ANY other runs in this week, keeping me at only 2 runs before my long run on Saturday! I'm really having a hard time increasing my weekly mileage. Which brings me to Saturday...

I re-joined the local YMCA for like the 5th time in my life! It is the only gym in our entire county and my only access to a treadmill. I have an elliptical machine and my grandmother has a stationary bike, but if I want to do some good old fashioned treadmill runnin', I've gotta hit the Y.

Saturday, after Cam's 8:30 soccer game, I did just that. The boys went to 'child watch' (the gym's free child care service) while I tried to do my long run on the treadmill - not ideal, but better than not getting it in at all right? I dreaded the idea of 6 miles on that thing, plus I only had an hour before I thought Child Watch closed, so I ended up doing a 5 mile progression run instead. I did the 1st mile super slow b/c it also doubled as my warm up, and then finally ended with my last mile at something close to 8'14 - I can't remember exactly - but it felt great!

I'm afraid I'm going to have to do A LOT more of my runs inside on the dreadmill treadmill until soccer season is over and the temp cools off more. If I wait until 7 when the temp finally drops it's almost dark! I can't wait for the first cold front of the season - please come soon!

Have you ever run in the rain? (How did that work out for you?)

How does the weather impact your running schedule?

What's your favorite season? Why?
I LOVE Fall - candy corn, football and jeans. (Jeans? You may be asking - but Summertime in Florida is just waaaaay too hot for jeans and I loooove them! I also love sweaters, which is why Winter is a close second - fall in Florida is still WAY too hot for sweaters...)

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