Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's a 4 Day Week! Woo-Hoo!!

Today is Tuesday, which means:
1) Grade Team meeting @ 7:40 (note to self: need a huge cup of coffee for this one)
2) Kiddos are benchmark testing = I can grade papers and take care of other business while they work
3) After school I need to go grocery shopping so that I can stick to my meal plan for the week - list:
        - lettuce
        - cheese
        - eggs
        - sunflower seeds
        - chicken
        - orange marmalade
        - stir fry veggie mix
        - rice
        - black olives
        - pepperoni

        - bell peppers
        - onions
4) Work-Out: Cross Training Day (1st one ever!) I have to say, I am excited to actually be training the way I'm supposed to for once! I think I'll hit up my grandmother's house b/c she has a stationary bike & the boys LOVE hanging out with Nanny - win-win for everyone! :) (hmmmm.... it seems like I don't actually have ANY of the ingredients so I have to get EVERYTHING... do I even have food at my house right now? geez.......)
This is my plan for today. I WILL do this! YES!!!!
Saw this and made me laugh! I'll try not to be a competitive jerk, but it still may not be safe to stand in my way....... ;) j/k.... a little.....

Hope everyone has an awesome day!
What awesomeness do you have planned for today?

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