Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Little Bit of Random Ridiculousness...

Wanna see the oldest phone on Earth still in use? Here it is:
That is what my phone looks like, except mine has a shattered screen and scuffs all over the edges. This December it will be 3 years old! Whaaaaaaat!?!? I HAVE GOT to get a new phone!!! There are sooooo many things my phone CAN'T do it's ridiculous! I can't take a screen shot, I can't see the pictures I'm taking of myself (what a disaster right? haha) I can't do 'Snapchat' b/c it won't play the videos people send me....
This is a picture of me running..... kind of.... wouldn't you have enjoyed seeing this happen on the side of the road! haha!
AND to top it all off......... somewhere around 1 mile of my run today was 'free' - My tracking app froze and turned off at 2.33 miles and I didn't notice until almost a mile later that I never heard my stats for mile 3. Grrrrr!!

I reset the thing and kept going.... I think I probably did a little over 5 miles. I wish I knew exactly! I had a pretty eventful run - in addition to the tracking ish, I also had a HUGE dog come out to the end of its drive way and bark at me. It sounded deeply annoyed at my presence..... probably the same way I sounded when I yelled "Come get your dog!" toward the farm building it came from. Don't know if they heard me, but the dog did and he didn't come any closer.... he could tell I meant business! :) (But I was pretty scared - checking out the fences trying to find one I could run to and climb if I needed.... trying to imagine how to get over the barbed wire..... intense!)

What kind of phone do you use? I'm trying to decide: iphone? galaxy? Something completely different?? AAhhhh too many choices!! (Part of why I haven't already gotten a new phone.)

What do you use your phone for other than 'phoning'?


  1. I have an iphone and I really do love it even though I am probably not the best one to ask. I'm not big on apps or anything like that but I do like the phone overall.

  2. I hear good things about iphones & droids - I just can't decide! To be honest, I kind of want the one that you can wash off in the sink - it's supposed to be 'life-proof' - very tempting....

  3. I love dogs, but when they are out by themselves I just don't know whether I can trust them or not, and I always err on caution!

    I have an iPhone 4 that I bought used from a neighbor when my very old 3G died. We are planning to switch carriers when our contract is up, and I didn't want to pay the money for a new one and/or sign a new contract. I use my phone for everything. Basically it's my "office" and I keep track of all of my clients on it. I'll stick with the iPhone since we are pretty much an Apple family...

    1. Believe it or not, I actually don't have any other Apple devices and that's where the back and forth comes in... should I finally jump on the i-train? But then I love all of my Microsoft & Google things... But I would be able to use iTunes...